Published Material

Links to examples of published work (* means article is behind a paywall, so the original file is also included in unedited form). Please scroll down to see full range of work (I am currently in the process of updating this page – some links may no longer be valid. Please see posts section for more recent selection).


  • General energy marketing
  • General oil and gas features/briefs
  • Shale gas, LNG and other gas features
  • Power sector features
  • Smart grids/clean tech
  • Power sector regulation/policy
  • Solar features
  • Solar marketing
  • Biofuel/biomass renewable features
  • Carbon offsets, carbon market and carbon storage/utilisation
  • Coal, nuclear and hydro features
  • Editorial services

General marketing material

Link to technical PR piece for GE Power–the-economic-factors

Major 15,000 word report on shale gas and hydraulic fracking (end client – TouGas Oilfield Solutions): (intro) (main report)

Video snippet of shale gas report launch in Brussels

Upstream oil and gas technology report (8000 words) for Lloyds Register Energy, (compiled with Longitude Research): (website) Lloyds_Register_Energy_Oil_And_Gas_Technology_Radar (pdf file) (article on T&T’s view of contract relationships, particularly in LNG projects – written for the T&T senior manager based on an interview) (Thought leadership article written for McKinsey & Co, based on its analysis and data, credited to McKinsey analysts.) (thought leadership, interview-led article on project procedures, written for T&T manager) (shale gas benefits) (LinkedIn blog written with Tomorrow’s People for ENER-G manager Nick Linklater)

General oil and gas (briefs and features) (on move to unconventional oil and gas)* (report written in 2008, original copy pending)

euroilmarkets1014a (article on oil pricing mechanisms, published in Euroil by Newsbase)

Shale gas, LNG and other gas features (latest on shale gas in Poland)* EERpolandshale (15th May 2014 latest UK shale gas situation)*EERukshale1 (Mexican LNG)*gasstrategiesmexlng0713 – JA1

Power sector features (rising popularity of on-site gas turbines in power generation) (Russian power sector latest) (Chinese investment in Balkans’ power sector)

Smart grids/clean tech (Smart meter roll out across EU)*EERsmartgrid

UK power sector regulation/policy (Community generation)*   utilityweekcom0413 (solar FiTs)*  PVsolarlargeUKsolar0913 (Heavy energy users subsidies)* utilityweek1212 (German utility investment in UK)* utilityweek0113b

Solar features (large solar developments in UK)* PVsolarUKfit0113 (on solar second hand market)* PVsolar0313 *  PVsolar0313logistics (On solar laminating equipment)* PVsolar0213 (interview) (UK solar market analysis)* PVsolarUKfit0113

Solar marketing (short article on solar investment by Mideast wealth funds)

Biofuel/biomass renewable features (European biofuel regulation). (biomass, p18)* utilityweekbiomass0913 (renewables impact on German market)

Carbon offsets, carbon market and carbon storage/utilisation (voluntary carbon offsets)

Coal, nuclear and hydro features (India nuclear sector)

Editorial and consulting services

Content advice, editing, article examples, provided throughout 2013 for Advice on sustainability and other energy issues provided to companies including Reputatie Group and Vital Transformation.